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Case Studies

Get insights into closed deals and learn how we get our borrowers the best financing.
Our client used Lev’s FastTrack Program to expedite the process of submitting key documents to a local Louisiana bank.
By negotiating with a property appraiser, we secured an extra 500K in value for our borrower.
Our straight-forward, quick, and simple process allowed for the team to secure competitive financing terms, easily.
Our technology enabled the team to find the right lender and secure competitive financing in just one week.
Helping a first time CRE investor complete a 1031 exchange with a NNN retail property.
Learn how we secured a 90 Day RateLock that carried through a 75-bps rate hike period.
For a small fee, borrowers can utilize Lev’s technology to increase leverage, amortization, or even decrease interest rates from their current lender.


Stay up-to-date with the commercial real estate market through our repots.
Data analysis shows that higher interest rates can have a negative impact on the CRE market, however experts are optimistic that even with higher interest rates, CRE prices and loan volumes will continue to perform well.

Speaker Panels

Watch clips from conferences we've attended and learn about what's going on in the fintech and CRE space.
Yaakov Zar, founder and CEO, speaks at Blueprint on how fintech innovations are transforming real estate.


Learn about different topics in commercial real estate through our e-books.
Commercial real estate is more often than not an excellent investment that yields sizable returns over a long period. However, every once and a while, a buyer gets burned by a bad deal. Nine out of ten times, it’s because the buyer didn't do enough due diligence.
Manufactured housing describes prefabricated homes that are built in a factory and assembled on-site. Why invest in manufactured housing? Manufactured housing parks provide affordable housing for millions of residents— including seniors on fixed incomes — to own homes while renting the land underneath.
When done properly, apartment building or “multifamily” investing provides a vehicle for wealth that’s hard to beat. For anyone who owns a home or single-family rentals, the leap to multifamily apartment investing can feel like a natural progression.
If your deal qualifies for agency lending, chances are good it could work out to be the best financing option. This e-book goes over everything you need to know about agency lending and how it works for commercial real estate.
C-Pace financing allows commercial real estate investors to borrow money for energy-saving, water-efficient and sustainability upgrades for commercial real estate, including multifamily homes, office buildings, industrial buildings and agriculture projects.

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