Exceed targets & expectations

The right deals for you, in an accurate and easy-to-digest package.

We know that you are being pulled in a million directions, and have your pick of dozens of deals to spend time on. We want to make it easy for you to review, size-up, quote and close the deals you are most competitive on.

Save time and close more deals with Lev.

We know how busy you are, working on a ton of deals with many complex processes and stakeholders on each.

Our Lender Analysis technologies ensure that we bring you the right deal, based on your defined lending criteria, past transactions and our direct conversations.

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No messy and confusing spreadsheets

Every deal we send you comes in a clear and easy-to-review package. Gone are the half-completed spreadsheet templates and napkin scribbles. No more dozens of pages of fluff for you to mine through for the basic numbers. Everything you need is at your fingertips saving you time and eliminating confusion.

Size up a deal quickly

Our clients want feedback quickly, and you want to provide it. We've built loan calculators and sizing tools right into the deal overview, so you can quickly size-up the deal without needing to download, copy, reformat and reformula the numbers.

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Your upgraded lending experience, in-a-box.

Manage your pipeline with ease

As a CRE lender, you are juggling new deals, complex due diligence, significant internal and external deadlines, and dozens of stakeholders. Be confident in your workflow and handle all of your transactions in one place, with clear next steps.

Reimagine your client experience

Your customers are running their business more digitally every day, and they are quickly coming to expect their service providers to do the same. With Lev's white-labeled products, you can offer your clients a completely new, fully online experience to keep track of the progress of their deal, respond to due diligence requests, upload files and close quickly.

Manage documents & due diligence in one place

Gone are the days of hundreds of emails related to each transaction, with unsecured emails, documents, and content. Experience the bliss of a single, consistent due diligence and document management process, that lasts through the life of the transaction and beyond.

Integrate directly with Lev

We've built integrations and offerings with lenders to help further reduce the work required to provide feedback on a deal. Our integrations team has solutions available for every type of lender from national banks with custom underwriting platforms to local lenders looking to scale.

Meet our dedicated lender relations team.

We value our close relationships with commercial real estate lenders of all sizes and types, nationwide.

Lev's Lender Relations team is exclusively dedicated to establishing and investing in our network of lenders in order to better understand their parameters, processes and focus, so that we can do even more to help you grow.

Frequently asked questions

What is Lev Marketplace?

Lev Marketplace acts as an advisor to commercial real estate owners and investors seeking financing.

We use data and technology to find the best financing for our borrower’s commercial real estate, so we bring you the deals we think you'll be most likely to win.

In 2021, Lev Marketplace originated nearly $1B of loans across many loan types and asset types in markets nationwide. We closed loans ranging from $500k in size to over $100MM.

How can I receive more deals from Lev?

We work hard to make sure that we get each deal we work on in front of the best lenders for that transaction.

Our software blends factors like historical loans, lenders' stated preferences for size, location and asset, and lender responsiveness to identify the right lender for a deal.

If you have specific preferences for loans you'd like to see more of or would like to discuss lending products you may be considering to bring to market, we'd love to brainstorm with you!

Do I have to use special software or systems to work with Lev?

Nope! Lev is built to work the way you work. The minimum requirements are just an email address and a basic internet connection!

Are there any costs to lenders to work with Lev?

There's no cost to the lender to receive or close deals with Lev. Our clients (Borrowers) pay us a portion of their loan proceeds as a fee for helping them get the deal done.